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About Us

I've been helping companies downsize their downtime since 1978

Customized Creations is a small, family-run business, and I'm Rob Fish - owner of the company, and the hydraulic trainer.

I began working with hydraulics in 1978 as a sales engineer for Hydraulic & Air Controls, a fluid power distributor in Ohio. I designed and sold hydraulic power units, helped customers troubleshoot and fix hydraulic problems, sold components, and got tons of hands-on experience with all kinds of hydraulic equipment.

While working for Hydraulic & Air Controls, I earned my "Fluid Power Specialist" certification from the Fluid Power Society, took several "How to be a Trainer" classes, and taught "Basic Hydraulics" classes for both Hydraulic & Air Controls and a local vocational school. I even gained a wee bit of fame when a hydraulic circuit I designed was featured in "Hydraulics & Pneumatic magazine.

And then my wife contracted multiple sclerosis.

In 1988, when my wife's condition reached the point she couldn't be left alone for long periods of time, I started a home-based business so I could work from home and care for her. For the first few years, our company had nothing to do with hydraulics. My wife, our three kids, and I made and sold customized name badges, buttons, dry erase fridge calendars, and stall cards - all things we could make at home.

When the kids got old enough to care for their mom, I developed a 1-day Basic Hydraulics class and began teaching it on weekends. I'd leave the house after the kids got home from school on Friday, travel to a customer's facility, teach the class on Saturday, and be back home Saturday night or Sunday morning.

My wife passed away after a 16 year battle with multiple sclerosis, our kids have all married, and in addition to having 6 grandchildren, I now have 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day versions of my Basic Hydraulics course. My courses are all taught at customer facilities, and all designed to help companies downsize their hydraulic-related downtime and get the best possible performance from their hydraulic equipment. While I still conduct weekend training sessions, most of the training I do now is during the week.

A lot of things have changed since I began working with hydraulics in 1978. One thing that hasn't changed is that there are still a lot of companies living with unnecessary downtime and ongoing hydraulic problems because their personnel haven't been trained on how to read hydraulic schematics, how hydraulics and hydraulic components function, and what it takes to avoid hydraulic problems.

If your personnel haven't been trained on those things, I'd very much like to help them downsize your hydraulic-related downtime and get the best possible performance from your hydraulic equipment.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please call me at 708-328-6121 or email me at basicHydraulics@gmail.com


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